Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if physical and mailing addresses of property are different?

A. If the mailing address does not match the physical property’s address, the owner may not be receiving notification of the delinquent tax bill. Odds will be in favor of the property not redeeming.

Q. What if tax due are for multiple years?

A. If the property has been delinquent for an extended length of time, the amount owing may be higher to the county. However, the chances of property being redeemed may be lower.

Q. What to look for to have property chances least likely redeemed?

A. See below:

a. An out of state owner. A strong indication of an out of state owner is when the property’s physical address and mailing address do not match. In other words, the owner may not be aware of his or her delinquent taxes.
b. Two names are on the title. This may indicate a married couple that may be in “marital realignment”. In most instances, neither of them may be willing to invest money in a property that they may not own after the divorce.
c. Returned mail in property file. The homeowner is responsible for notifying the county of any address changes. Therefore, if the homeowner fails to notify the county at their own fault, they will not receive notices of any tax defaults.
d. Property is vacant. The homeowner may have abandoned the property.
e. Lack of maintenance. A poorly maintained property shows that the owner has lost interest; however, the property may be of value to you. We have profited off of these goldmines several times in the past.

Q. How do I contact support?

A. Please Click here for any questions or help.