About Us

CountyTaxSaleApp.org (CTSA) started with a simple mission – Provide comprehensive Tax Foreclosure data in the hands of everyone. That means literally in your hands (on your mobile device) and figuratively by giving a low monthly subscription rate (lower than you have every unheard of).

We started in 2018, as there was no such service for consumers to enable GPS capability (to see properties close to where they are), provide text and email notifications if properties get cancelled and comprehensive filtering tool to narrow down your search from hundreds of properties each month.

The company's founder was herself an aspiring investor who discovered that if she monitored the foreclosure notices posted in the county she would have an advantage among her competition to purchase discounted properties. However with hundreds of properties being listed by the county each month, it was nearly impossible for her to buy them all. So she created this web app (multi-device enabled which works same on your mobile phone, tablet or PC) to serve the community.

Today the expertise of CTSA. is relied upon by many of Harris County’s major financial institutions, title companies, residential and commercial real estate firms, and most importantly Houston area’s real estate investor community.

These relationships are the basis for our timely, customized data that we provide to you, our client. Through our solid reputation and quality service, we are able to meet the needs of the investment community by transforming the raw data into constantly updated, user-friendly reports investors use today.